MIRANDA  Interior Architect from Mexico City who is interested on taking a closer look into this world's trivialities. Her main interest remains towards the reconfiguration of links and communication strategies with our immediate context. Within spatial investigation and sensorial interaction, Miranda is convinced to evoke new perspectives conveying whole new meanings. Throughout one year of the AAIS 2016-2017 programme, she has focused on exploring and retrieving key aspects from space and art. Her aim is to identify defining elements of the relation between humanity and the context in a social as well as an individual scale. Unfolding some of the unknowns, unthoughts, untruths, un-uns she looks for innovative tools to approach present disruptions in the everyday life. Perception is the pure initial way a person forms the idea of self, the other, and boundaries. Once perception/boundaries are there, a relation with other exists. It is on each one of us to establish the terms in which this relation will develop. To achieve a true connection with her work, Miranda‚Äôs process follows an intrinsic, emotional and intuitive research method. At the end of each term an analytical phase takes place of organising emotional, theoretical and physical conclusions onto provocative narratives.