During the 2016-2017 year AAIS phase I studio was composed team of 5 minds. Creatives from China, South Korea, Lebanon and Mexico were debating, defining, analysing, editing, reformulating and working together to achieve one project. Parting from the Truth, Trust, Integrity year’s brief, the line of research evolved in a learning and forthcoming environment. The interests of the group focused on exploring the definition of collaboration as well as questions around truth, trust and integrity. Extrapolating and interpolating such elements through different scales and scopes, the work relied on concepts such as: outsider/insider, boundaries, body, thresholds, perception, communication, relationships, rituals, cycles, city.  The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, features an MA Master in Arts and an MFA Master in Fine Arts programmes. Parting from a cross-cultural atmosphere, the studio gathers creative minds amongst diverse disciplines to achieve collaborative projects. Participants of the AAIS explore space conception through an analytical and artistic approach. The programme retraces working methodologies as a creative source for collecting new professional perspectives. In a year of work, participants take part on workshops, seminars and the organisation/delivery of national and international creative events.