To Be Honest. London Art festival discussing the truth, the honesty and the integrity of “boundaries” as the main topic. Hosting a brunch, an art installation, a talk, and a performance, the festival lasted for three evenings as part of the Doodle Bar arts programme. Rituals of the City. Performance in collaboration with New Movement Collective How is the city and technology reshaping human perception? What are the rituals needed to adapt with the overwhelming city environment? The performance took inspiration on the printing in space performed in the Raw Silence. We question the now ritualistic behaviour citizens have between body, technology and nature. The performance explored the interplay of boundaries resulting from these relationships. Performance composed in two. Inside Replica 1994 grid like CCTV art installation, two citizens mindlessly perform repetitive everyday movements. Fake Nature The space portrays technology as an invented nature crafted by humans. Two citizens start questioning the interplay between technology and nature and the intertwined influence they both have on themselves. What is the difference between nature and technology? Is our relationship with technology different to that with nature? Are we operating or being operated? Where are the boundaries?