To Be Honest. Girona A 2 days international art event in the Spain, hosted a documentation workshop, a performance and performative dinner. The Hidden Silence Performance in collaboration with New Movement Collective An art performance presenting disrupted phases within a cycle of a single storyline. It creates an enigmatic environment of multiple paths and perspectives where the fidelity of rituals is interrogated. Staging for the Hidden Silence performance Spatial Concept What happens when boundaries are corrupted? Are we able to understand our space through the ambiguous? Is a definition perceived in the same way for everyone? Is a defined concept always compelling? Staging for the Hidden Silence performance Investigation of boundaries of a ritual as a moving element and the influence it has in audience by strolling through space. Workshop During this workshop, students are encouraged to explore their own perspectives through the participatory art performance. Using their intuition, the students film their own gaze and receive direct feedback from professional dancers.